MONJA is a small, family-owned business based by the ocean in Ericeira, Portugal. Created by Isabella and Lucas in 2020 with the truly desire of helping people remembering the importance of appreciating quality food and quality time.
"Monja" is a portuguese word meaning nun, the female of monk. It was inspired by the buddhist nuns way of living and also by our as well called Monja lovely rescued dog.



m a n i f e s t o.


We treasure what has soul, what is created with meaning, what has a face and a story behind it.

We treasure all that is created in connection with nature and for the good of the community. We value what is local and made at the rhythm of seasons, what is free of toxins and preservatives.

We value culture and the deep meaning of belonging. We value the time of things. The time to create and to appreciate, the time to compose and to decompose. We value this future past, which is one of harmony between people and the land, and of relationships that are deeper than the usual.

We value what is made with quality and love, by small. We value the producers, the grocery stores and those who don't give up following traditions and family recipes. We value, therefore, memories.

But above all we treasure quality time, because without time, we can't appreciate anything and we can't reflect on our existence.