The experiences provided by MONJA are an opportunity to have quality time to connect and bring consciousness to your everyday life. More than 80 people already joined us to get their life changed in the smallest details.

Slow Breakfast Table Experience

How often do you have time to enjoy a slow morning properly? To spend quality time with yourself or with your family? 

The Slow Breakfast Table Experience is a moment to appreciate the morning, to connect deeply and to enjoy time as it is. It is an experience that promotes the union of quality gastronomy and quality time.

You will experience MONJA food, that is a balance between seasonal, local and organic, local brands and special venues.

Do not expect a regular breakfast: seat, eat, leave.

Expect a moment of awareness, where you are invited to enjoy every single detail, connect to yourself, to food and to others. Expect to learn about the food you will eat and about every part of that experience.

Previous editions

The very first Slow Breakfast Table Experience took place at Ocean House Ericeira, and it was inspired by Autumn season. Since then, we explored special venues such as Casa Quintas and Barefoot Guesthouse.


Our collaborators are an important part of the Slow Breakfast Table Experience. We aim to provide a complete experience, presenting and offering space to local and sustainable brands. Already collaborated with us Bzugo, A Sargento Martinho, Raw Care Studio, Gaelle Cerâmica, Tia Lie Ateliê Criativo, Vizinha Ericeira, Natalia Laczynska and John Broemstrup.

The Slow Breakfast Table Experiences take place in Ericeira and nearby locations (Mafra, Sintra, Lisbon). 

What our community says about the Slow Breakfast Table Experience

"A complete experience: A very delicious menu carefully designed in the smallest details by MONJA team, aligned with good energies, a super pleasant environment and people connected with that special moment around the table. It was an incredible Sunday for us and we will surely return in other editions!"

Karla (joined us in November)


Connection Exploration

This is a very special and complete experience guided by MONJA and Charlotte from Holistic Ericeira. We share connection practices, tea ceremony, body movement, sound healing and more, creating and adjusting the practices throughout the editions.
It is a safe space to connect to ourselves and to others. We freely explore different perspectives, boundaries, love and intuition. And, equally important, it is a moment to have fun!

What our community says about the Connection Exploration

"Charlotte and Isabella guided me to a whole new experience of openness and connection (with myself and others) in a beautiful safe space. We shared, we danced, we laughed, we cried and we loved it! If you are looking to explore your shadows, your boundaries and create meaningful connections, I highly recommend joining this Experience."
Priscila (joined us in September)

"As a person who doesn't usually attend this kind of event, I had a great experience. It's a good opportunity to go inwards and connect to yourself but at the same time to connect to other people by sharing and listening to different experiences. By the end of the event, I felt full of positive energies and ready to start my week ahead."
Domingos (joined us in September)
"For me the connection exploration was a truly unique experience. It’s something I have never tried before i didn’t know what to expect I came without any expectations. It felt in some moments very uncomfortable and in the other moment super comfortable. Which made me feel and reflect a lot on the way how I connect in my daily life with other people and that I forgotten about things which should be so normal. Stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing it in a group of people I felt comfortable with was such a great experience. I remember on the way back in the car with some of the people from the exploration we said it just feels like we have been on a retreat for weeks:)) We were all super inspired and still now when we run into each other it feels like we connected on that day in a different way. This exploration was a great experience and I would do again." 
Sabrina (joined us in November)