At MONJA, sustainability is a very important pillar that guide us through our journey. When you support us, you are also respecting nature. We try our best to balance the choices we make in order to contribute to a positive impact in the world.

Zero Food Waste

Food is responsible for a considerable parcel of negative impact in the environment. We have a Zero Food Waste policy, that is why we:

  • produce is small scale
  • work mostly with pre orders
  • avoid surplus food, having limited spots on the experiences we hold

Plastic Free Policy

Our packaging is free of plastic. We only use plastic when there is absolutely no other feasible option to replace it or when plastic it is still the best way to preserve food. Plastic is not always the villain, but its excessive and incorrect use.

Local Suppliers

We work as much as we can with local suppliers within Ericeira region and Portugal. That is a way to support local community financially, to create relationship with other family-owned business and to choose seasonal high-quality ingredients.

Returnable Jars

All our jars packaging are returnable. We are developing a Returnable Jar Policy to be released soon. 

Supporting local community and businesses

When you are small, each and every support is important. We believe in a supportive circle amongst local business. We want to grow together, and that is why we work together with locals, we buy from them, we collaborate with them. 

Fair Trade products

The market is based on unfair labour relations, which is unhealthy and poor. We prioritise working with fair trade suppliers, as for cashews supplier, for example.